How To Select A Recumbent Exercise Bike For The Gym?

On today’s market, the exercise bike is very diverse in style and features with many different brands. Therefore, when choosing an exercise bicycle for the gym, you should learn and understand the techniques to choose products for their best facility suited to the needs of practice in the gym. The recumbent exercise bike reviews can not be overlooked when choosing an exercise bicycle for the professional gym.

  • Choose The Style

You should choose a recumbent exercise bicycle with the vertical body, which is made of durable steel to best withstand large-sized high tonnage.The bodybuilder’s posture is an important factor affecting the results of the practice as well as enthusiastic interest. Therefore, the product must ensure the appropriate research, proper posture of practicing. In addition, it incorporates many different postures on a device to provide multiple positions to create a high performance and excitement for everyone at practice process.

Besides, you should choose the kind of car, which can increase or decrease the height of the seats, the wagon to fit and be convenient for everyone in the gym. The regime must be integrated simply and easily without losing time users.

The recumbent exercise bike must be quiet operation mode, the persistence does not cause noise and have the perfect synergy to help practitioners practice, which brings best results.

  • Select Based On Price And Brand

The cost factor is not as important as the top criteria that customers pose. Besides quality products, it requires being a reasonable price. To buy imported equipment with high prices, the author recommends choosing a high- quality product, which is always extremely competitive prices. Also, use domestic products always get a lot better after-sales services that the imported products can not have.

Brands are always the first thing that people think of when searching for products. Taking the lead in providing sports equipment in the world, we must mention Ellipse, which is the well-known brand for many years trusted and voted by consumers for products and services voted reputation.

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Benefits And Tips In Using Effectively Recumbent Exercise Bike

It takes for granted that a recumbent exercise bike can be used by anyone with any level of fitness. Especially it creates the opportunity for patients,the beginners for health improvement at their home. Recumbent exercise bike with seat backrest is a place where the driver sits or lean partly going, users might sit behind the pedal and lower than conventional exercise bicycle as the riders will sit on a high position and keep the steering wheel. The benefits when practicing a recumbent exercise bike can be brought hereafter.

  • Provide More Simple Health Benefits

Using a recumbent exercise bike can provide many health simply benefits by practicing posture, which brings comfort.

Position in the exercise will avoid discomfort such as neck strain, create the comfortable feeling on the wrist, back, arms, shoulders, neck, arms, groin and lower back. Especially, you do not bear the weight of the body

Enhancing heart health: Cycling is aerobic activity. According to Georgia State University, maintains the workout for 20 minutes or more may increase the amount of blood pumped per minute, reducing the heart rate when not exercising, which increases HDL cholesterol and reduces blood pressure and benefit cardiovascular health.

The seat in your bike will be landed near the same level as it helps the heart increase circulation and improve the heart’s beating.

The elderly or patients with daily exercise can promote their health, which can be a folder limbs rehabilitation.

  • Maintain Healthy Joints

Cycling on the recumbent exercise bicycle has not only increased dynamic range stop to help you maintain good health but also the ideal choice for people with arthritis. Due to the work on the bicycle, it can reduce stress on the joints and less impact on the bones, as well as muscles. In addition, cycling can also help to build muscle strength in the legs, which support the knee joints.

  • Lose Weight

Cycling can help overweight people burn more calories and lose weight. One thing worth mentioning is that workout on the recumbent exercise bike can be adjusted via the resistance challenge on it.

  • Reduce Stress And Mental Crisis

Exercise the sports always bring spiritual comfort for the busy, or the elderly at their homes and produces hormones to bring the feeling of happiness

  • Increase More Energy

Aerobic activity with a recumbent exercise bike training can help to boost energy by improving sleep quality and providing a sense of happiness. The physical activity increases the oxygen to every cell and tissue in the body.The improvement of the cardiovascular system and increases the oxygen supply more energy for other activities.Selecting exercise regime, which is suitable for their age and health will help you lose weight effectively.

As can be seen, before a workout regimen, you should do a physical exam and guidance system of practicing forms that suit their health status. For some people with cardiovascular disease, you need different training regimes with other types of exercise bikes dedicated. Age also needs to be taken into account when selecting the type of exercise.

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8 Taboos When Practicing Gym For The Bodybuilders

When workout the gym, there are still some taboos you should note if you do not want to waste your hard work in the gym.

  • Practicing too much and too hasty

Many young beginners when work-out  the gym are eager to reduce fat quickly, with slender waist as soon as possible. They are usually increase much higher intensity than the permitted level, as well as practice in the more difficulty level than the beginners to accelerate the training process. This is not good at all, even many counterproductive. So you should plan to complete each step, time and intensity for properly, which can increase the intensity of training, but with the gradual speed over time, not suddenly.

  • Be talkative when practicing the gym

This is quite frequent and popular in their teens when they play any team sport. But indeed, this is not good at all. When exercising, talking too much will adversely affect your effectiveness. The ability to concentrate may decrease, physical factors may be weaker. Of course, we can not avoid both work-out and enjoy the comfort as well as relax with friends, but it should be limited and say properly ( while at rest, for example). Remember, exercise is the single most important purpose.

  • Setting goals too high

No matter what new methods of exercise play well, you should be also wise to have right decision-making. Actually, there is no method of “divine”, which can help you achieve a rapidly effective result. Setting the target too high in a short time is impossible, and will make you depressed when not finished. Be persistent, and give a specific planning for a long-term process.

  • Failure to follow the advice of experts

Before starting the exercise, the first thing to do is consult the experts, or by those who have experience ahead. As teenagers, they do not have much money to go to the center or hospital to ask for advice, and you can wander on the internet to find trustworthy advice on the site, or consult through the books, or simply ask their parents, siblings, friends – people with good effect after the exercise. You will not only further the knowledge required but also help you master the basic techniques, as well as a small tip to avoid these injuries, which may happen to you.

  • Overwhelming practicing

If you start to feel tired during exercise (chest tightness, shortness of breath, discourage ), reduce the intensity immediately! If you seem to try too hard in such a situation, you will get the injury. Teen should note to balance between training and rest. Reduce the intensity down, rest, drink cool water, then return to the low-intensity exercise, then gradually increase. Overtraining makes you depressed, and is easy to “stick” injuries.

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The Right And Suitable Nutrition Diets For Beginners In The Gym

Bodybuilding nutrition is always a topic of our eternity, and more particularly for the newcomers. In addition, getting the nutrition knowledge in particular and all general fitness knowledge is still very limited. In this article, the author will refer to the most fundamental issues in bodybuilding nutrition and gradually help you change the eating habits to support the training process.

  • Carbohydrates – Protein – Fat

-Carbohydrates, carbs, starch is the different names of the same substance that later we call carb. This is the ingredients we will eat the most in life, what you normally eat such as rice, bread, noodles,dumplings, sugar. This kind of products are entering the human body for the same substance called glucose only, this is one of the very important substances for the body, but if we do not control them, we would easily cause obesity. For this matter, you should note that absolutely do no eat sweets, soft drinks, these beverages containing sugar, etc.

Protein: This is a very important substance in building and developing muscle, the protein is present more in the dishes: meat, fish, eggs, milk. For those who practice the gym, they should eat this substance more to meet the needs of the body, but should eat lean meats (containing fat) to ensure the health and maintenance of sporting achievements.

Fat: You absolutely should not eat the saturated fats, also known as animal fats (except marine fish fat, which is good fat and beneficial for the heart pulse). You should note the fat intake in the daily diet because 1 small amount of fat also gives us one huge calorie management, which may affect our weight.

  • Changing Eating Habits

Eat six meals one-day eating habits: In many Asia countries, they just have 3 meal including breakfast, lunch and dinner. In some countries, they add one more night meal, it is not a good one at all. Why so? Before you eat wrong? It must be informed to you that you’re wrong. Fitness now gives you one smart dining concepts and knowledge. Foods are active to be absorbed that they must go through the digestive tract from dental treatment to the gut. One thing worth mentioning is that your body needs have different digestive enzymes to digest food, and unfortunately enzyme discharge a limited volume time. Therefore, so much food you eat at one time will not be able to be objective turned off, causing one of the wastes, which forces your digestive system to have worked hard to process and eliminate the food tangle.

Eating full substances in one meal: It is extremely important. Many individuals believe that 1 strawberry smoothie is one meal, which is not true. A standard meal must complete components: protein, carb, and fat under certain 1 ratio,protein (meat, fish, eggs, milk …) and 1 small amount of fats (omega for your heart).

Say no to alcohol: If you drink alcohol for a sudden day,taking a deeply enough sleep about 24 hours, then go to the gym to practicing lifting. If possible, shun always this little alcoholic beverage because it is not good at all for the training process.

Drink more water as possible and maintain a large amount of water in the body will be very good for you. You’ll understand the reason when you come through the first 2 months.

Eat more fruits and vegetables to provide vitamins and fiber, you need to change much to eat different fruits and vegetables to get nutritional balance, but you should not eat too many sweet fruits.

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10 Mistakes Need To Be Avoided When Practicing The Gym

Practicing the gym to have a good shape, a compact and healthy body, rippling muscles, attractive especially in the eyes of the women is the dream of many boys. But how to work-out the gym  safely and effectively is something that anyone will need to learn. This article will introduce you some usual mistakes that bodybuilders often make.

  • Improper diet

This is probably the biggest mistake that beginners often make when they practice the gym. Eat these fresh foods for each meal will bring benefits and limit the sweets, cakes, and snacks. Remember that bodybuilder will disrupt muscle cells, if not getting enough nutrients in the proper time, you will not be able to recover and grow at best.

  • Inappropriate exercise program

You go to the gym but do not know what is going to practice and usually imitate according to friends around, the part being practiced are mostly at chest and hands. This causes your body to become imbalanced because you have forgotten the practice of foot, back, abdomen, which leads to muscle groups unable to develop as other parts of the body. Therefore, you should learn about the training program, which can provide the best overall results and when you find an appropriate method, you must follow it persistently.

  • Improper method

Many people always want to demonstrate their strength, so they generally strive to be able to lift heavier weights than the others but they must know that each time of practicing, they will use the joints and ligaments more . This can lead to sore joints and tendons, which can cause injury in the future.

  • Lack of persistence

To make a good progress in the gym, you need to practice with your perseverance, with a reasonable diet and have time for muscle recovery. If lack any of these things you will not get the results you want.

  • Lack of sleep

Sleep is one of the most effective measures to recover the body. During sleep, the body will secrete growth hormone, IGF-1 and testosterone. All these hormones will help the body recover and build the muscle. Also good sleep helps you get the energy to workout the next day.

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